Question roulette

Pupils are in teams and tasked to complete questions one at a time. Once the question is completed they race to the front to have it checked, if it is correct they get a gold coin (Hobby craft) and are directed to the next question. The team with the most questions completed by the end …


Age old classic game to test keywords and their meanings by ‘speedating’ around the classroom testing knowledge of key terms against another pupil. Another version Or use the word association game to revise a concept without pausing or hesitating.


Pupils have to define the keywords from the question on the card and use the clue and answers to work out how they are connected! First to guess wins!

Heads up app

Keyword cards appear as the pupil holds their ipad against their foreheads. 1 minute timer to ask each of the players a question (Yes/No) to decipher the key term. You can make you own deck of key terms within this app.

Codenames game

There are two teams. Using a 5 x 5 grid there are ‘spies’ hidden on the grid and one blac ‘assassin’. The aim is to discover their team’s spies first to win the game. If they hit the assassin they lose the game. If they hit an innocent bystander (neither a spy or an assassin, …