Monthly archives: February, 2020

Using Technology to support SEND students

Click Technology slides to find some simple way to support students in accessing the curriculum, including speech selector to read text aloud, look up functions to use to decode vocabulary and immersive reader.

Strategies to support EAL students

Here are some simple ways to ensure EAL students make as much progress as possible within lessons. Providing visual cues and pre teaching using translation can be powerful tools to close the gap. EAL_strategies


Use this website as a fantastic tool to scaffold reading material in order to be more accessible. Additionally to focus on and embed challenging vocabulary. Rewordify

ATOS Text Analyser

A great vehicle through which to assess the appropriate level of the text you are asking students to analyse. Click here for Text Analyser Click here for Book Analyser (digital) Click here for Bookfinder Use ATOS Conversion Levels to help you convert ATOS levels to appropriate reading ages to assess suitability of texts

Reading Frameworks: Thinking hard

Use these templates to help students to chunk down the reading process and aid comprehension. It works well to model good practice for students to utilise in their independent study time. Thinking Reading Deconstruction Frame History example 2 History example 1

Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools

Click here to read the full report on literacy provision in Secondaries. Some important summaries to take note of.

Harnessing praise to increase motivation

Why did you decide to undertake this project? What was it designed to achieve? After a whole-school learning and teaching review, praise was identified as an area for development for the whole school and it seemed important to identify answers to the following questions: What does praise look, sound and feel like? How do students …

Productive Struggle

Why did you decide to undertake this project? What was it designed to achieve? “As educators, we want our students to feel successful. Sometimes, this means that we take control of the lesson and do what we can to make content easy for our students.” (Guido. J (2016)1. However, the question that this leads to …