Instagram thinking

Get the pupils to draw an image as if they were posting on instagram to sum up what they have learnt. Get them to add a suitable comment underneath to explain their image. Instagram

Tweet a tip

Get the pupils to compose a tweet in less than 20 words to sum up what they have learnt. Include a # to sum up a catchy phrase! Twitter

Topic Tennis

Select a topic and say go. Pupils are in pairs and have to say a related term to that topic and continue until their partner cannot go. You can use the scoring of tennis e.g. 15, deuce or just score one point each time. Topic tennis


Great website used to create cryptogram puzzles for pupils to work out the answers to, you can replace letters with numbers and see which child works it out first! CRYPTOGRAM


Use the PowerPoint template to test pupils’ knowledge of concepts they have learnt. Pose a question and then the children complete their bingo grid with 9 possible answers. Reveal your answers to see who wins a full house first! bingo game

Noughts and Crosses

Select 9 key terms or 9 questions that need to be answered. Pupils play a traditional game of O and X and see who wins! Noughts and Crosses


Pupils have to answer a question correctly to choose a square to hit. If they hit a ship they can have another go. How many ships can they hit with 10 shots? Battleships


A flashcard app that makes revision easy. Create cards for your class or get them to create their own packs that can be shared. Ways to use Quizlet in your teaching Create flashcards or set as hw to task to create Encourage students to use as main revision tool (Example image of flashcards below)   …


A simple mind mapping app that is brightly coloured, easy to navigate and allows you to add images as well as text. Ways to use Popplet in your teaching Summary of a topic that is then linked to different areas of curriculum Key information for modules – verbs, by vocab, opinions, connectives An exam question …

Yes/No game

Pupils select a card with 10 quick fire questions on it. They read the quick fire questions to their opponent. If they answer Yes or No they press a buzzer and keep the card. If they get to the end of the questions without saying Yes or No they keep the card. The player with …