Xavier Learning Principles

Believe in every child

We should have the highest expectations of all pupils irrespective of their gender, ability or background. Our expectation can shape performance, we must nurture the children entrusted into our care so that they fulfil their potential.

Excellence for all

All children should be challenged in every lesson, ensuring that are all exposed to harder concepts, children complete tasks based on the same topic, and challenges are scaffolded where required. We should not cap any child.

Learning environments promote creativity

Learning environments encompass our relationships with the children, their behaviour as well as the physical environments we create. We are committed to creating an environment where children flourish, feel safe to be themselves, and take risks as well as work hard.

Inspire each child to improve

Children should be supported when reflecting on their learning in a meaningful manner. Children should know the next steps they need to take in order to improve, and should be encouraged to act on these regularly.

Every child an individual

Each child is unique, they possess their own individual talents and consequently will learn in different ways. It is important this is factored into lesson planning and that learning is scaffolded to enable each child to succeed.

Foster curiosity, champion confidence

Children should be encouraged to think and given time to do so. We must identify ways to foster and ignite pupils’ curiosity in the classroom, as well as equip them with the confidence to try. Instil in the children that mistakes are learning opportunities and they should always try their best.