Assessment for learning

AfL within remote lessons

Consider the many ways to ‘punctuate’ your online learning with assessment for learning opportunities. This will serve to engage pupils by breaking up the learning, but also facilitate self assessment so that pupils have an awareness of their progress. Here are some suggestions from staff: 1) Provide questions, markschemes and model responses from other pupils …

Oak National Academy Resources

This website can be used to supplement home learning using pre-existing resources. Pupils select or are directed to a lesson topic, take a short quiz at the start and end of the lesson to assess their understanding (this is automatically marked) and can listen to video content explaining the topic. Their Primary curriculum covers English, …

Socrative: Quiz app for self marking

Socrative is a fantastic app to use to set pupils quizzes, polls and other formats to test their understanding. A powerful tool to be used as part of your home learning strategy – answers are automatically assessed, it also can be embedded within Showbie. Here is a video to demonstrate the uses of Socrative Pro.

Showbie: Remote learning feedback

Showbie is an app some of our schools have been using to both upload resources, communicate with pupils via voice notes and comments, as well as provide feedback direct to pupils who have uploaded their work. It also has marking functions, and an ability to insert links to quiz apps like Socrative. Here is a …

Get chatty

Use this strategy to get pupils to make a tool to enable them to test one another based on what they have learnt. Get chatty

Find it and fix it!

A great strategy to address identified misconceptions (from an assessment or piece of work) Use the find it and fix it matrix to present pupils with subtle misconceptions that have arisen. Get them to identify the misconceptions and correct the errors as part of intervening to improve understanding. Find it and fix it paper 1

No gap, gap fill

A great way to challenge pupils by providing an exercise to decipher what is missing and where it is missing. It means they really have to focus and think to be certain they understand a topic! No gap gap fill

Talk tasks

Another partner talk strategy using visuals and sentence starters to promote structured dialogue between pupils. Talk tasks

Talking Point

A partner talk strategy where pupils enter into a structured dialogue about their learning prompted by sentence starters. Great idea to encourage pupils to debate or evaluate something. Talking point