Science Network meetings 2019-2020


Effective Science Subject Leadership – Xavier 1st session June 19
September 2019
Xavier Science Hub Leaders Training – Assessment PPT
Activity SL5b Pupil Voice Aug 17
a-z-of-primary-science Fair_Testing_Progression_Grid
Identifying_and_Classifying__Progression_Grid Intention_and_substance_findings_paper_on_primary_school_science_110219 Maintaining_curiosity_a_survey_into_science education_in_schools
Observing_Over_Time__Progression_Grid Overview_of_TAPS_Focused_Assessment_plans Pattern_Seeking_Progression_Grid
PSTT overview-the offer
working-scientifically skills progression CIEC(1)
working-scientifically-identifying-and-classifying working-scientifically-observing-over-time
October 2020
How to get challenge into Science Lessons October 2020
More-Examples-of-the-big-question Science-curriculum-big-question-road-map-graphic-1 Tips+on+Asking+Good+Scientific+Questions (1)
November 2019
Xavier Science Leaders Network – 07-11-19
Astromaths Explored
Cornflour gloop and fizzy potion – making count count!
Developing creativity and abstraction in representing data
Fibonacci_ flowers and the golden number
Making links between Maths and Science
Mathematics through experience
Proportion_ ratio and scale
Real-life Maths and Science
Science Maths = a better understanding of science
March 2020
Xavier – Ideas for BSW PPT
Knowledge Matrices Y1-6 FV
PLAN Progression in Knowledge
PLAN Progression in working scientifically skills FV
STEM Careers – Connecting with Science – Xavier
STEM Careers Assembly
STEM Futures brochure.WEB_.12Sep_1
June 2020
XCET – Online SL Meeting phased return
July 2020
XCET – Working without resources – Compensation
Summary of findings FINAL – Impact of school closures on primary science learning
Knowledge Matrices Y1 Knowledge Matrices Y1-6 Knowledge Matrices Y2 Knowledge Matrices Y3 Knowledge Matrices Y4 Knowledge Matrices Y5 Knowledge Matrices Y6