Science School and home learning resources

This PPT was created by Tom Holloway and gives lots of useful resources for teaching science at home and at schools with limited resources and maintaining social distancing
PPT  – Online SL Meeting phased return

PPT with suggested ways to catch up on any missed topics/concepts-XCET – PPT Working without resources – Compensation
And XCET Subject leader Network Meeting – 07.10.20

Remote learning websites

PSTT Science at home activities click HERE 
PSTT Science for one activities (can also be done in school to maintain social distancing) click HERE
Explorify activities click HERE
BBC Bitesize Learning, 
The Great Science Share, 
ASE Coronavirus Hub primary remote learning resources,
1001 Inventions
Twig Education
Reach out Reporter is back!
Practical Action
Royal Society
The Ogden Trust

For Year 6, it is important they learn these skills before secondary school so prioritise these first:
Measuring accurately, reading scales
Drawing and interpreting line graphs
Fair testing (physics/chemistry)
Analysing Data
Welcome Trust graph resource

RSC ideas webs for teaching science through history
Ancient Egypt Primary Resource_A4_WEB
Ancient Greece Primary Resource_A4_WEB
Islamic Science Primary Resource_A4_WEB
Maya Aztecs Primary Resource_A4_WEB
Romans Primary Resource_A4_WEB
Space Primary Resource_A4_WEB
Stone Age Primary Resource_A4_WEB
Tudors Primary Resource_A4_WEB
Victorians Primary Resource_A4_WEB
Vikings Primary Resource_A4_WEB
World War II Primary Resource_A4_WEB

Planning for Assessment, knowledge matrices
Knowledge Matrices Y1-6
Knowledge Matrices Y1
Knowledge Matrices Y2
Knowledge Matrices Y3
Knowledge Matrices Y4
Knowledge Matrices Y5
Knowledge Matrices Y6

Research websites that can be printed off if iPads are limited:

Other resources
Live science videos
Fun science activities
Weekly topical inspiration and videos for learning about the current events in the world around us.
Brains On
Royal Institution

Outdoor Learning

PLAN Primary Science is a set of resources produced to enable teachers to have a clearer understanding of National Curriculum expectations for meeting the standard.
Y1 Materials Olivia
Y1 Plants Olivia
Y1 Seasonal changes Olivia
Y3 Plants Max secure
Y5 Forces Melissa
Y5 humans and living things Charlotte
Y5 Materials and their Properties Melissa_

Summary of findings FINAL – Impact of school closures on primary science learning

Mission X a great initiative that is brilliant for getting lots of science into PE in a really fun and enjoyable way.
Click HERE to access