Power of Reading Year 1 and 2

10-things-i-can-do-to-help-my-world-teaching-sequence (3)
A Necklace of Raindrops TS_
Adventures of Egg Box Dragon IW KS1 Teaching Sequence_
Anna Hibiscus Y1-2 TS
Beegu how-to-make-a-story-box
Beegu post-card-format (1)
Beegu Teaching Sequence September 2017
Black Rock_PCAT Sequence_07.01.19
Claude in the City TS 2018
Grace and Family how-to-make-a-simple-origami-book
Grace and Family grace-graph-of-emotion
Grace and Family post-card-format
Grace and Family TS
Halibut Jackson Corebooks TS
How to Find Gold TS
I Want My Hat Back Corebooks TS
If all the world were…
Leaf Sandra Dieckmann PCAT KS1 Teaching Sequence
Lila and the Secret of Rain how-to-make-a-story-box
Lila and the Secret of Rain how-to-make-a-zig-zag-book
Lila and the Secret Rain TS
Mini Grey Lost Animals Illustration Resource A3
Man on the Moon how-to-make-a-big-book
Man on the Moon TS
Moth new
Mr Underbed by Chris Riddell Teaching Sequence
Olga Da Polga -Teaching Sequence
One Day On Our Blue Planet TS_
One Night Far From Here TS
Orion and the Dark Corebooks TS
Ossiri Teaching Sequence KS1 rebranded
Out & About Advice for Performing Poetry
Out and About Responding to Poetry Grid
Out and About -Teaching Sequence
Pattans Pumpkin Teaching Sequence

Poems to Perform TS
Rabbit and Bear Teaching Sequence KS1
Rapunzel Sequence Years 1 and 2_
The Bee Who Spoke Inspiring Writing KS1 Teaching Sequence_
The Dark TS
The Diary of a Killer Cat TS
The diary-of-a-killer-cat-extract
The Emperor’s Egg TS
The Fox and the Star_2
The Hodgeheg TS
The Jolly Postman Corebooks TS
The last wolf double Bubble Resource A3
The Last Wolf Teaching Sequence KS1
The Lonely Beast_Teaching Sequence
The Magic Finger TS
The Princess and the White Bear King how-to-make-a-gate-fold-book
The Princess and the White Bear King how-to-make-a-simple-origami-book
The Princess and the White Bear King TS
The Puffin Book of Fantastic First TS
The Robot and the Bluebird TS
The Secret Sky Garden Teaching sequence
The Secret Sky Garden Double Bubble Resource A3_
The Secret Sky Garden Car Park Illustration
The Snail and the Whale how-to-make-a-big-book
The Snail and the Whale how-to-make-a-simple-origami-book
The Snail and the Whale TS
The Snail and the Whale-cover-image
The Storm Whale – rebranded TS
The Story Tree TS
Traction Man how-to-make-a-simple-origami-book
Traction Man is Here TS
Traction Man is Here! how-to-make-a-powerpoint-book
Traction Man is Here! traction-man-powerpoint-book
Where the Wild Things Are TS
Wild Corebooks TS
Zeraffa TS