Power of Reading Teaching Sequences Year 5 and 6

1001 Arabian Nights Corebooks TS
A Boy and a Bear in a Boat TS
A Boy in the Striped Pyjamas TS
Carnival of the Animals TS
Clockwork TS
Cosmic blank-e-mail-template
Cosmic Disco February 2018
Cosmic Disco leaf-man-painting
Cosmic double-bubble
Cosmic TS
Dark Sky Park
Fire, Bed and Bone TS
Floodland floods-ppt
Floodland update 2018 final
Goodnight Mister Tom TS
Harry Miller’s Run Inspiring Writers KS2 Teaching Sequence_
Harry Miller’s Run Resource – Double Bubble
Harry Miller’s Run Resource – Double Bubble
Harry Miller’s Run Resource – storymap_
Ice Trap! antarctic-s-expedition
Ice Trap! explorers-mini-journal
Ice Trap! questions (6)
Ice Trap! quotes-from-shackleton
Ice Trap! TS
If You Find This TS
Jorney to the River Sea river-sea-images
Journey To The River Sea poem-by-grace-nichols
Journey to the river sea TS
Just So Stories Corebooks Teaching sequence
Just So Stories how-the-camel-got-his-hump
Just So Stories how-the-leopard-got-his-spots
Just So Stories how-the-rhinocerous-got-his-skin
Just So Stories how-the-whale-got-his-throat
Just So Stories the-elephants-child
King of the Sky KS2 Final 2018
Locomotion TS
London Eye Mystery- Teaching Sequence
Love that Dog Corebooks TS
Love that Dog extract-p-12-141
Love that Dog extract-p-46-48
Love that Dog love-that-boy-poem
Love that Dog poem-grid
Love that Dog the-dog-poem
Love that Dog the-pasture-poem
Macbeth TS_
Odysseus TS
Pax – Teaching Sequence
Princess’ Blanket TS
Private Peaceful TS
Rooftoppers Paris booklist
Rooftoppers TS February 2018
Rooftops London
Rooftops Paris
Rose Blanche Corebooks TS
Running on Empty_
Seasons of Splendour CBO Seasons of Splendour comparison chart
Seasons of Splendour Corebooks TS
Selected Poems for Children Teaching Sequence
Corebooks TS

Sensational! poem-plan
Shackleton Telegram Template_
Shackleton’s Journey TS
Sheep don’t go to school
Corebooks TS

Skellig Appendix 1
Skellig TS
Skellig update 2018
Song From Elsewhere Double Bubble Resource TSFSE
Song From Elsewhere Front Cover Resource
Song From Elsewhere Troll Song Resource
Song From Somewhere Else – Teaching Sequence
Stay Where You Are and Then Leave telegram-template (2)
Stay Where You Are and Then Leave TS 2018
Stay Where You Are and Then Leave white-feather-template (1)
Stormbreaker Corebooks TS
Street Child how-to-make-a-simple-origami-book (8)_1
Street Child TS
Street Child workhouse-images (1)
Suffragette The Battle for Equality Teaching Sequence
Suffragette_CLPE Double Bubble Resource
The General Michael Foreman Booklist_0
The General PCAT KS2_2
The Highwayman image
The Highwayman poem-text (1)
The Highwayman response-grid (1)
The Journey Glasses template for Poetry
The Journey TS
The Last Wild – The Lion_the_Witch_and_the_Wardrobe_extract
The Last Wild TS
The London Eye Mystery london-eye-notebook
The London Eye Mystery london-eye-website
The Matchbox Diary Corebooks TS
The Midnight Fox Corebooks TS
The Midnight Fox notes (1)
The Midnight Fox reasons-for-and-against (1)
The Other Side of Truth recommendations-for-other-texts-and-resources
The Other Side of Truth TS
The other-side-of-truth-cover-activity
The other-side-of-truth-cover-image1
The other-side-of-truth-mamas-proverbs
The Promise Corebooks TS
The Rabbits TS
The rabbits-text
The Savage Corebooks TS
The Savage example-of-playscript (1)
The Silver Donkey Corebooks TS
The Viewer population-article (1)
The Viewer population-graph (1)
The Viewer population-picture (1)
The Viewer TS 2018
the-highwayman-sequence (2)
There’s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom – rebranded TS
There’s a Boy In The Girls’ Birthday mini-journal (1)
Tom’s Midnight Garden Appendix 2
Tom’s Midnight Garden Appendix 3
Tom’s Midnight Garden_Teaching Sequence_Year 5_6
Treason Corebooks TS
Treason ppt-of-historical-buildings-figures (1)
Varmints The Ocean’s Blanket
Varmints TS
Way Home farjeon-cat-poem (1)
Way Home update 2018.
way-home-text-extracts (1)
Wolf Brother TS