Power of Reading teaching sequence Year 3 and 4

African Tales TS
Arthur and the Golden Rope – Teaching Sequence
Arthur and the Golden Rope Newspaper Advert Session 2 Resource
Belonging TS_
Charlotte’s Web examples-of-childrens-poems
Charlottes Web TS
Firebird TS
Fly, Eagle, Fly! TS
Fox Corebooks TS_
Frog Prince Continued TS
Gorilla Corebooks TS_
Green Ship Corebooks TS
Gregory Cool double-bubble
Gregory Cool TS
Harry Miller’s Run TS
Harry Potter & the philosopher stone
Hot Like Fire TS
I was a Rat! Corebooks TS
Ice Palace ice-powerpoint
Ice Palace TS
Into the Forest email-blank
Into the Forest TS
Iron Man illus. L Carlin TS
Iron Man scrapyard-extract
Iron Man TS
Jemmy Button TS
Krindlekrax TS
Leon and Bob TS_
Leon and the Place Between questions
Leon and the Place Between responding-to-illustrations
Leon and the Place Between Teaching Sequence
Lob by Edward Thomas Extracts for Session
Lob Double Bubble Resource A3
Lob Teaching Sequence POR Years 3 and 4 updated
Mama Miti Corebooks TS
Moon Man by Tomi Ungerer New Format
Moon Man RefugeeandMigrantExperienceBooklist
Moon Man word family
Mouse snake bird wolf questions
Mouse Snake Bird Wolf TS
Noah Barleywater Runs Away TS
Oliver and Seawings TS 2018
oliver-and-the-seawigs-resource-sheet 2
One Plastic Bag Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia – Teaching Sequence
Pam Smy Lob Sketches Resource A3
Pea boy TS Pebble in my pocket TS
Pugs of the Frozen North_Years 3 and 4.
Stone Mouse TS
Storm ppt-images-of-marshlands-and-highwaymen
Storm TS
Tales of Wisdom and Wonder newspaper-format
Tales of Wisdom and Wonder peddlar-ppt
Tales of Wisdom and Wonder peddlar-text
Tales of Wisdom and Wonder pedler-of-swaffham-text
Tales of Wisdom and Wonder white-rat-image
Tales of Wisdom TS
Tales told in Tents TS
The Bluest of Blues_2019
The Boy at the Back of the Class Teaching Sequence
The Enchanted Horse horses-ppt
The Enchanted Horse TS
The Frog Prince text-version-of-grimm-story
The Great Kapok Tree Corebooks TS
The Ice Bear Corebooks TS
The Lion and the Unicorn and Other Hairy Tales TS
The Lost Happy Endings Appendix 1
The Lost Happy Endings Appendix 2_
The Lost Happy Endings Appendix 3
The Lost Happy Endings Appendix 4_
The Lost Happy Endings Corebooks TS_
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane – rebranded TS
The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane bull-and-edward-frame
The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane tell-me-frame
The Pebble in My Pocket dragonfly-frame
The Pebble in my Pocket sabre-tooth-tiger-frame
The Sun is Laughing performing-poetry
The Sun is Laughing poetry-ideas
The Sun is Laughing T Ideas
The Tin Forest TS
The Tinderbox TS
The Village that Vanished TS
The Wild Robot_Years 3 and 4
Tom’s Sausage Lion TS
Town is by the sea PCAT Teaching sequence
Ug Boy Genius TS
Ug Double Bubble Resource
Ug Teaching Sequence Year 3 and 4
Varjack Paw TS
Werewolf Club Rules TS
Wolf Footprint TS
Wolves Corebooks TS