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Click HERE to view an example plan for transition back into school for September.

Below is a writing progression of skills document which would be useful to help plan writing in English. The vocabulary, grammar and punctuation section has been taken from Mike Cain’s mastery in writing book which links to the National Curriculum. You could also use the grids to help assess at the end of the year. If you are using them to assess, then do not assess using the skills highlighted in yellow as they have been added in as they are part and parcel of good writing but are not statutory requirements at the end of each year.

The writing progression document can also be used to assess writing during the first few weeks to assess any gaps in learning. They can then be used to plan future learning.

Click HERE to view the Xavier Writing progression of skills document

Click HERE to view the Reading Progression of skills document

EEF research

Improving Literacy KS1 2020
EEF report improving Literacy KS2

Surrey Assessment activities designed for parents but could also be done in the classroom.
Year 1 Reading Assessment Teacher Guide The Frog Prince
Year 1 Reading Assessment Parent and Child Guide The Frog Prince a
Year 1 The Frog Prince writing activities for website
Year 2 Teacher Guide Reading Assessment The Three Little Pigs
Year 2 The Three Little Pigs writing activities
Year 2 Parent and Child Reading Assessment Guide
Year3 Reading Assessment_Teacher Guide Pirate_Piper_by Jonny Duddle
Y3 Parent and Child Reading Assessment – Pirate Piper by Jonny Duddle
Year 3 writing assessment tasks for website
Year 3 writing grid
Year 4 Parent and Child assessing reading The Explorer y Katherine Rundell
Year 4 Teacher Guide The Explorer by Katherine Rundell
Year 4 writing assessment activities for website
Year 5 Teacher Guide Who Let the Gods Out
Year 5 Parent and child Reading assessment Who Let the Gods Out
Year 5 writing assessment activities for website
Year 5 writing grid
Year 6 Reading Assessment Teacher Guide
Year 6 Parent and child Reading assessment Who Let the Gods Out (1)
Year 6 writing assessment activities for website

SAfE is launching a series of online network meetings for subject teachers and leaders to come together and discuss home learning. To join, click HERE

Primary English network meeting 22/6/20
Primary Phonics network meeting 24/6/20
Primary English network meeting 13_7_20
Primary English network meeting 6/10/20
Primary Phonics network 8/10/20

Providing children with engaging and accessible books

Click HERE for Roald Dahl resources
Click HERE for Oxford Reading Owl
Click HERE for Read Theory-online books and quizzes FREE!
Click HERE for Epic books
Click HERE for Unite for Literacy books
Click HERE for International Children’s library books
Click HERE for fun reading resources
Author reviews https://authorfy.com/masterclasses/

Supporting any children working from home
TTS workbooks
Classroom secrets
English mastery
Oak Academy
Talk for writing
Literacy Trust resources

Useful resources
Closing the reading gap at the time of coronavirus video Alex Quigley click HERE
Alex Quigley’s blog-brilliant ideas click HERE