A fantastic app/website that allows you to give feedback to students easily once they have uploaded work. Free version allows unto 10 assignments. Single licence with unlimited assignments costs from £80 – can be shared by whole team to allow collaborative access Upload files for students to open within the app (PDF) or  download Leave comments, …

Rally coach

This activity works best when it is used in pairs so that the children can hear different explanations and solutions to problems. The activity lets children hear the vocabulary used for each topic and helps them see they can approach tasks in different ways and still get the same answer. It can also be used …

Reciprocal teaching

Where students become the teacher in small groups. Students participate in group discussions either to consider new content or revise old content. Each child has a role to play that focuses on demonstrating different strategies: summarising, question generating, clarifying, and predicting. Reciprocal Teaching

Talk like an expert

Allow students time to verbalise their learning. This ensures deeper cognitive processing and reinforces comprehension. Simple strategies can be employed such as having key terms colour coded and worth different points. When students are checking their understanding this encourages them to use key terminology and also assesses their learning. This concept can be developed further …

Marking codes

Pupils have their writing/work returned with feedback indicated using a marking code. Pupils write What Went Well and Even Better If to respond to this. Saves time lost through teacher providing repeated feedback, and pupils engage more with feedback. Can be used for peer and self-assessment.

Feedback stickers

Create and print mark schemes and common targets on stickers to enable quick self and peer assessment. Saves the teacher time and it is a great way to train the children in becoming more accurate with marking their work.

Feedback tennis

Conversation prompts to initiate and scaffold peer discussion regarding feedback. Can be conducted in pairs or as a group, there are prompt cards provided to help instigate discussion. Points can be awarded too, similar to a game of tennis.

Critique circles

Set pupils up to work in groups (and they may remain in these groups over time) to objectively assess their work against clear criteria. Train pupils in how to provide objective and constructive feedback to encourage cooperative learning. Provide time after to refine and improve, and use and use again!