Virtual discussion with staff/pupils (padlet)

A fantastic way to get either pupils or staff to ‘respond’ and’discuss’ elements during live learning is by placing a QR code in your lesson to a padlet page in order to enable all participants to share ideas. In addition all members of the ‘class’ can see one anothers’ comments and use their ideas in …

Remote learning: feedback ideas

It can be challenging to think of ways to provide effective feedback that is personalised, time efficient and seamless. Here are some ideas that staff have been sharing regarding how to provide effective feedback remotely: 1) Feedback shortcuts on an Ipad: It is possible to create your own personalised feedback comments as shortcuts on an …

Engaging students in ‘live’ feedback sessions

One of our schools has been sharing ideas about how to get pupils to engage more, or be more active during ‘live’ feedback sessions on Teams. Here are some of the ideas that were shared and some examples: 1) Putting starter questions for the pupils to engage with and get thinking whilst others are joining …

One Drive: Tool for resource sharing & uploading work/feedback

One Drive can be a fantastic way to share resources with pupils, additionally to enable them to upload their work to the folder for the teacher to see, assess, and provide feedback. See below an example of work uploaded for Art, with teacher feedback. See below for video tutorials regarding setting up One Drive: – …

Socrative: Quiz app for self marking

Socrative is a fantastic app to use to set pupils quizzes, polls and other formats to test their understanding. A powerful tool to be used as part of your home learning strategy – answers are automatically assessed, it also can be embedded within Showbie. Here is a video to demonstrate the uses of Socrative Pro.

Home Learning: Lessons & feedback (advice)

We have tried to summarise succinct tips for staff to consider when planning ‘lessons’ remotely. Additionally the feedback methods that may be most effective. This is an example from one of our schools, but could easily be adapted. Engaging Home Learners v3

Showbie: Remote learning feedback

Showbie is an app some of our schools have been using to both upload resources, communicate with pupils via voice notes and comments, as well as provide feedback direct to pupils who have uploaded their work. It also has marking functions, and an ability to insert links to quiz apps like Socrative. Here is a …

Get chatty

Use this strategy to get pupils to make a tool to enable them to test one another based on what they have learnt. Get chatty

Throwback revision quiz

A strategy used to recall learning and support interleaving through the points that are awarded based on how long ago the pupils learnt the content. Additional extra to ‘uplift’ and improve their answers. CB5 Throwback Revision Quiz