Headline hype

Pupils fill in or create headlines based on topics they have recently been studying. This helps the children consolidate knowledge and encourages creativity. Headline Hype      

Scrabble tile

Pupils use Scrabble tiles to see if they can come up with a certain number of words linking to the topic being studied. Prizes can be awarded for the highest scores. Scrabble starter  


As a starter, for revision or an additional challenge, set a Linkee question. 4 questions that the pupils answer independently. The answers of all the questions should link in some way. Can they work out the link? Give a clue to help them.

Keywords Connect/Connect fours

Put a range of words or key terms on the IWB at the start of the lesson, the pupils have to make a connection between each key term and justify why. You can also use this website to group 4 key terms or concepts by finding the common link between them.

Bigging up descriptions

Use this technique to spice up comparisons in the classroom by getting pupils to come up with a great description. Use the analogy of a ring announcer at a boxing match! For example, “In the red corner we have sodium, this ferocious element…”  

Spend the word

Give the pupils certain words that are more challenging to use either in a discussion task or written task. This provides a challenge and gets them thinking creatively! Pupils can also set targets for certain words for their partners to use too. Spend the word!

Most likely to…

Give the pupils a couple of creative scenarios with two options to choose from. Then get them to justify why. For example, “Who is the most likely to win in a fight? Macbeth or King Lear?” most likely to

Challenge mat

Challenge mat – Use this as either a planning tool or as a template to stretch children’s misconceptions in relation to a topic. Include these 4 categories of questions: standard questions, questions that confuse, questions about what it’s not – misconceptions, questions that apply a skill and explore links. Challenge Mat Challenge Mat_Eng Romeo and …