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Art resources January 20201 Lesson 2

KS1 Express yourself with drawing KS1 Lesson 2 Lower Key Stage 2 Lower KS2 Tone Drawing Techniques Lesson 2 Lower KS2 Tone Shading – Drawing Techniques Lesson 2 Activity Upper Key Stage 2 Tonal Shading Activity Upper KS2 Upper KS2 Tonal Shading Lesson 2

Art January 2021 Week 1

January 2021 KS1 Lesson 1 Express yourself with drawing KS1 KS1 Mark Making Lesson 1 Activity 1 KS1 Mark Making Lesson 1 Activity 2 KS2 Lesson 1 KS2 Tone Lesson Overview Tonal Shading Lower KS2 Using Tone Lower KS2 Lesson 1 Upper KS2 Using tone Lesson 1 Worksheet Upper KS2 Using Tone Lesson 1  

Art Remote Learning Resources

Weekly remote lesson plans for Art click HERE Bubble closure art resources Below are art resources for remote learning which will cover two weeks of learning (two hours per week). Two of the lessons are based on the same theme (1 per week). Click below to view the resources. EYFS Art Home Learning KS1 Art …