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A fun game based app and website that allows you to create fun quizzes to assess students’ learning.  


A flashcard app that makes revision easy. Create cards for your class or get them to create their own packs that can be shared. Ways to use Quizlet in your teaching Create flashcards or set as hw to task to create Encourage students to use as main revision tool (Example image of flashcards below)   …

Apple Clips

The latest app created by Apple that can be used to create and edit simple videos. The Apple Clips E- Learning Express session took place 17th October 2017 showing how to use the app as well as ways it can be used inside and outside of the classroom Download Powerpoint Ways to use Apple Clips in …


An app where students can share their understanding by answering formative assessment questions in a variety of formats: quizzes, quick question polls, exit tickets and space races.  


A place to organize all your documents. Save web pages, photos, files, docs, PDF, notes and organize them into collections – these can then be shared with your classes.  


A fantastic app/website that allows you to give feedback to students easily once they have uploaded work. Free version allows unto 10 assignments. Single licence with unlimited assignments costs from £80 – can be shared by whole team to allow collaborative access Upload files for students to open within the app (PDF) or  download Leave comments, …